Wine On The Go

Have you ever been on vacation, at the beach, by your pool, or at a summer BBQ and just wanted to have a glass of wine or sangria that was a bargain?

Two weeks ago, I was reading PeopleStyleWatch and a new sophisticated Girlie drink just came out on the market. =) The first flavor they came out with is an all natural sparkling rose wine, the second flavor their coming out with is Red Sangria.

The best part is, it comes in a cute girlie 8.4 oz can – which makes it perfect for sipping by the pool, beach, or at a BBQ during the summer.

You can purchase Pampelonne at their online store and it only costs $15 for 4.

Have a great summer! And stop by my blog to let me know if you enjoyed this great summer drink.

Pampelonne Facebook Page


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